Friday, April 13, 2012

Tax time 'fun' !!

adding machine can be found here
Long before I had my Etsy shop, jill2day, I started my working life as a bank teller, and, while I have declared a real disdain for math, I actually loved that job. Every night, we would reconcile our drawers using an adding machine (yeah - the old ones with actual paper in them!!). That was my favorite part of the day. I learned what numbers indicated you had a transposition, and felt that every cent left unbalanced was a personal affront to my success in life.  My adding machine was not quite this old (it was electric) but I love this one from the Etsy shop, AuntBlanchesHouse I can almost smell the oil and ink and hear the chu-chunk of the handle! Maybe if I had this machine, doing my monthly books would be more fun that just another couple of hours on the computer!

get this tax book here

A number of you may be working on your taxes this weekend, so I just thought I could find some things that might help you a little.

If you are really behind on your taxes, you might want to check out the directions in this book from 1959. It is available in the Etsy shop VintagePossessions. I am sure the tax codes haven't changed much since then! And remember, as it says on the cover "Uncle Sam says 'its your duty that you don't pay more income taxes than you should'" [political editorial not included here!]
get button here

When you are done with your taxes you might want to remember these sage words from the Etsy shop DesignsbyLindaNeeToo
I saw this button the other day and, as the kids say, LOL'ed!!  This is only one of the many buttons she has in her Etsy shop  I could be tempted to wear a different one every day. 

We are all low on cash these day ... well most of us anyway... I had no idea of the existence of these tokens. I found a bunch of them on Etsy some recycled into new objects some just left to their own devices... Did you know they existed?


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