Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snuggley for your home

fun and funky patchwork
A while ago, I started making afghan blankets for jill2day. It all started with my reluctance to throw out even the smallest pieces of "left overs". I would throw small parts in a box as I made my sweaters, Then eventually cut them into squares or rectangles. One day I finally had enough so I mad myself a "blankey" to use while watching TV (My hubby tends to like the house a lot colder than I do!!
This bright patchwork one (on left) is an example of a "scrappy" quilt.Just a joyous jumble of lots of color and texture.

But, coming from a quilting background, I couldn't help but think of also making some out of intentional color schemes. These three are examples of those - loosely based on strip or log cabin quilts, with coordinated colors and textures. You can see more of these in my afghan blanket section of jill2day.
literary snuggles!
Sometimes though, I find another type of inspiration or design idea! I found an atrocious sweater one day... knit to look like a newspaper, it was a truly awful sweater, but a great piece of fabric! I am guessing it was like new because the recipient (I am sure someone got it as a gift - not for themselves!!) had never worn it! But I was thrilled to find it... I took it home cut it up and surrounded those pieces with additional black white and khaki pieces. Here is the result. A great afghan for a library room or reading chair! So fun.

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