Sunday, April 1, 2012

1950s childhood revisited!

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This morning I took a time travel trip back to my childhood in the 1950s!

Etsy has so many wonderful sellers, both handmade and vintage. I looked up many of my childhood memories after breakfast this AM, and here they were; preserved in the pages of Etsy!

We can start with the Captain, Bunny Rabbbit and Mr. Green Jeans... of course Miss Francis and Ding dong school was also there, as was Romper Room. But The Captain was probably even Wil Shatner's Favorite Captain! I so loved that show and can still feel the carpet under my knees as I knelt to watch everyday.

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But when it came to playing, nothing was better than my imaginary horses. I had one just like this (in black though). While using it, I perfected every known horsey sound that could be made with snickering lips or stomping feet. I was so sure I could grow up to be a wild horse on the western plains if only I could learn the language!
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My copy of the Saggy Baggy Elephant was very well worn, and this cover is embedded in my mind's eye! Our copy had probably been pre-read by Joan or Jack, but that hadn't damaged it, and eventually I claimed it with my early cursive signature planted on the cover page.The idea of that tiger running in those circles was amazing to me!

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In my 'tweens I became an avid collector of the fine china figurines being supplied in abundance by Japan. Dogs of every breed, including the Dachshund, size and quality had one side of my shelves while the horses (I found a chalk one and a copper one just like my old ones!) had the other. I think I could list virtually every breed of dog or horse long before I knew the state capitals! These are only a few of the treasures I found. If you want to see the entire Treasury of 16 items that I collected, please click on this link to Etsy.

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