Friday, September 11, 2009

Check out my quilt work

The Whistler House Museum of art recently had their "quiltscapes" show. My quilt "Chris' barn" won the Whistler award. Thanks folks!  This was great recognition. I did the quilt "plein air' - in the style of the impressionists - on site at my friend's farm. ( that is why if you look close you can probably find both seeds and mosquito carcasses!). I put down all the fabrics, and then later (in the studio) added the stitching.
I love doing this, and have another one from this sumer under way. There is nothing better than looking at the actual scene when you are creating a landscape. it reflects the atmosphere and mood - not just the objects! ( just ask onet about haystacks!)

Sooner or later I will get some of my quilts added for sale on time, need time!!!

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C'est Magnifique said...

Hi Jill, I'm in the altered artwear Yahoo! group with you... although I don't say much and haven't been doing much clothing altering lately, but I must say you are so inspiring! Your creations are just beautiful! Congratulations on your sales as a result of the Etsy article, you deserve it!