Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Quilt Awards!

I just was notified that the art quilt I had in the Fine Fiber and Folk Art Show (in illinois) won one of their three awards. I am very honored by this, because this is a show of all types of fiber works (baskets, weaving, felting, rugs, etc etc) not only quilts.
The quilt I showed was "Reclaimation". It is a collage quilt using many techniques. It is based on photos that I took after a house burned down. It incorporates digitally manipulated photos (printed onto fabric) found objetcs from the site, traditional quilting techniques, and machine embroidery.
This is one of my favorite art pieces I have made. I like how it uses the eye of the artist to find beauty even in destruction; it pushes the limits of quilting and truly integrates several expressions of art - photo, quilt, collage,...
Thank you Northwest Area Arts Council for the recognition and appreciation!

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