Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photos done, son home, Saturday morning

Good morning world. Managed to get some great photos yesterday - even with the cloudy weather here is one showing my friend just having fun twirling in one of my coats (they just make you want to do that!!). She showed up with two bags of sweaters that she and another friend had found at a thrift store. So nice to have "elves" and friends.

My son is home from college for the weekend. I can tell because there were voices in the living room until 4:00AM and empty pizza boxes on the table this morning. It is great to have him here, although I will probably see little of him.

Need to work hard today. I have scheduled showcases for the next couple days, so I want to make sure that the store has great items in it for everyone to see. I think I need some color... maybe pures and teals.

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