Friday, September 25, 2009

Ramblings from a lazy day...

It is rainy and a bit dark today. My friend is coming over for photos, so hopefully it will get brighter. I just finished a new sweatercoat. I think I have to name it PumpkinPie2day - it is soft oranges, tans and cream, with just a dash of nutmeg sprinkled in. It should be posted by tomorrow

I have gotten some wonderful feedback from my customers lately. I just heard from another of my custom item purchasers... she had me make a cape for her. It turned out to be really fun to work on and (if she doesn't mind) I may have to make some more... here is a picture of hers.

Next, I had several heavy 100% wool sweaters that I was accumulating, so I finally got them all put together into one cardi and posted it last night.... it was sold by this morning! It will be going to live in a coastal city of Canada wher I am sure it will serve its owner very well this fall and winter. Much of the wool came from Irish wool sweaters, so it should be like going home for them! Here is a close-up of all its supreme wooliness! To see the rest of it you can go to WoolyBooly2day.

I have so many ideas rolling around waiting to happen... need more Halloween cuffs SOON, Have a pile of white and offwhites - think I may try a "Wedding2day" sweater coat for the fall/winter bride... maybe capes, and plenty of more sweaters and scarves... so what am I doing sitting around here talking to you? Off I go...

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