Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleaning Done, Modem Down, Goat Cheese Delicious!

I am sitting here at the Sow's Ear  writing today. This is one of those comfort places that we find sometimes. A place of kindred spirits, good coffee, mounds of yarn and wonderful music. (And today; fresh goat cheese!!)
(Dogdazzle, Madbear, Aprons, Pinque and everyone else... wish you could all come and have a cup of coffe with me!!)
It seems my modem died last night, and I am waiting for a new one. Much like how you flip switches even when the electricity is out, I kept going to my computer to check things out on-line even though I knew I wasn't connected. What a great excuse to come here!

I finally finished the cleaning of the studio yesterday, and gave it a trial run this morning. WONDERFUL. Before the studio had just sort of morphed from being a quilting/sewing place into my sweater studio. I finally made it through the quilting fabrics, and other items that haven't been touched since that fateful day last July when I opened jill2day. I sorted, stashed, packed, and donated until I have the dedicated working area I need now.

My three "ladies" (sm, md and lg dress forms) are in the corner ready for work or display, the sleeves are all neatly arranged on one set of shelves, while sweater bodies are classified by color on another set. Large dust/odor/insect proof tubs are all set to hold the items that are listed on-line, but waiting for new homes. And of course, NPR is all sety on the radio behind me!

I just put a "Sneak Peek" of two sweaters on my FB fan page. Finished them up this AM and will post them tomorrow.


MemorableMentions said...

Organization must be in the air! I am glad you started the recycled sweater business, because I love my Jill2day sweater. =)

dogdazzle said...

I really wish I could be there for coffee with you!