Monday, January 4, 2010

NEW YEAR, New "employee" and new listings...

Just listed three new sweaters - all inspired by the arctic temps we have been having here in Wisconsin. Helsinki2day is a wonderful combo of heathers and patters of the most neutral colors. It is mostly wool and very warm - with or without a turtleneck under it! Melbourne2day has bright blue and green (and a smidge of purple) surrounded by gray. This sweater is perfect for over jeans and just being comfortable! The third sweater, BlacknTan2day, is a smart combo of tan, black and brown and looks so good over the pencil skirt or the trouser! Perfect for the office, it is mostly cotton, so it is warm but very comfortable.

All three are being modeled by my new "employee" (as of yet unnamed - any suggestions?)

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FairyFiligree said...

Lovely employee!! How about Sophie? She looks sophisticated enough for that French touch! Have a Happy New 10!