Friday, January 8, 2010

SNEAK PREVIEWS only on Facebook fan page!

I started a Facebook fan page, and have been trying to figure out when to use it and when to post here on the blog. I have decided on the following;

This blog will be for permanent info (i.e. yesterday's post about ordering custom items) and for musings and larger long-range topics, full stories about projects, etc.

My facebook fan page (click on this link or search for jill2day in Facebook) will be for limited time offers, quick notes, and sneak previews. I am trying to list at least one new item everyday - at least week days - and I will post them to my fan page 24 hours before they go on Etsy. That will give my "fans" a heads up on what will be available and what time it will be posted.

I hope some of you will become fans - selfishly - because when I get to 25 I can rename my fan page with a custom URL! BUT I also understand if you just have too many sites to watch, so you can just see the fan postings in the column on the right in this blog----->

Hopefully this will keep me (and you) from info overload! Now about tweeting.... That will have to wait!

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