Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seasonally affected disorder returns

Some of you might remember my earlier post about fall colors. Well it has happened again. I went outside to take some photos of my newest recycled sweater scarves for my Etsy site, and became instantly aware of how the changing colors outside had once again appeared in my work.

Here are three examples of the work and, in the background, the inspiration...

Who says winter is just white! I love the way the colors change with the light - or lack thereof. I love the low light in the morning and then again in the evening. The everchanging purple/blue/grey shadows; and the snow that changes from the warm pinks and yellows (no not that kind of yellow snow!) to the purest and coolest of whites.
Gina, my dog,  and I can't walk on the bike trails during the winter... the snowmobiles turn it into a racetrack... so we hike in the woods around the house. You can't get in there during the summer because of all the underbrush, but now it is really nice in there. We can even see our resident hawk's nest at this time of year!

So, yes there are times I envy you in your Aussie summer or the "coldness" of southern CA at this time of year, but it sure is beautiful here too!

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Pie Lady Pat said...

Your work is lovely. And it's glad to see someone else who loves winter, too. Enjoy!