Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Memorial Sweaters...and ramblings

I previously posted about the memorial sweaters I made for my customer. She just sent me these pictures of  her wearing one of the sweaters and one of the scarves. She said I could share them with you. It is so fun to actually see one of my garments on one of my customers! That is one of the very few disadvantages of selling on-line. Rarely do you get to see the customer wear, or react to, your product.

That was one of the really nice things about going to the OOAK show in Chicago last December. I had a blast watching people try on, react to and comment on my garments. (watching them purchase was also fun!) It is where I really got to "field test" my designs over a wide range of sizes of people! I was so pleased to see how they really did span several sizes, and were so flattering for almost everyone. That is something I have work hard to achieve, and the resonse was so positive.

Today I cut up about 100 recycled sweaters into useable pieces and then stacked them by color on my shelves. They look so pretty and just are begging to be made into lovely things. Now comes the fun part; holding "auditions" to see which ones will play which roles in my next round of productions. Then bundling each set of "cast members" together for the final production.

I also bought an petite dress form and ordered a full figure one, so I will have a complete set of "ladies" to work with while sewing my re-sweaters. Plus, it will be like having my own audience in my studio! This will be so much easier than padding my existing dress form up and down as needed, and measuring her about a million times!

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