Thursday, January 7, 2010

Custom "ReSweatering"

Don't you just love that word - ReSweatering! I can't take credit for it, Ann from The Lavendar Tree used in when talking about my work in her blog. I think it is so much better and exact for my items than recycled, repurposed, etc, but unfortunately the search engines probably wouldn't recognize it! (and there, boys and girls, is how creativity can get suck out of us by technology!!)

Anyway... back to topic. I have been doing a lot of custom work lately and it is wonderful the diverse reasons for the requests people have;
- memorials (see earlier post)
- sizing (both ends of the spectrum)
- content (all wool vs non-wool)
- color (very subtle to happy brights)
- style (did a cape for someone)
So here are the instructions for how to converse about a custom order (just click on them to enlarge). It is easy and it is fun, and most of the time the price is equivalent to similar listed items. Hope we can work together sometime!

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Dance said...

just to let you know, your blog came up first when I googled the word 'Resweatering'.