Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Custom?

I just finished these four custom projects, and each had a different "catch" to it....
Top left: This person liked one I had previously done, but wanted to make sure it had pockets and a hood so that she can wear it on chilly beach walks! I love thinking of my creation walking on the seaside!
Top Right: This one was for a fellow thrift store prowler and sewer. She, however, didn't want to tackle the coat herelf. She did the shopping, and sent me a box of sweaters to work with. That was a very different process for me, but it was a very fun - and successful - project.
Bottom Left: Ms, Diva wanted this one!! "Just give me color and go for it" was all she asked! She will be strutting through mid America like no one else in her town!
Bottom Right: This one was for someone having a hard time finding "fun" clothes in her size.

Today a customer who I have worked with previously asked if I could work with her "ugly Christmas Sweaters"!!! It seems her family has an annual event, and she wants to have the Ultimate Xmas Sweater Coat made from the "ugly" sweaters she has collected. I am ecstatic. I have though of this so many times as I see those sweaters on the racks... This should be fun!!!

So there are as many reasons for doing a custom sweater as there are people out there... Can I help you with one?


MemorableMentions said...

I LOVE that turquoise and blue coat! The red one is wonderful too. It makes me wish I had held onto some of the sweaters I have given away in the past because they had a stain or small hole. I know you would have been able to do something exceptional with them. =)

Are you going to be adding any cotton coats/sweaters for spring?

jill2day said...

Yes I just got a commission yesterday for a spring sweater vest, so I think I will start working on the spring line. I have been collecting cotton sweaters for a while now. I will keep you posted!

dogdazzle said...

Love the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater idea!