Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hood and Sleeve Preferences - got any?

Hoods. I have had many people ask for these on their sweaters. I, personally, never use a hood - okay one exception; the heavy duty winter Lands End coat I use to take the dog out, etc has a hood - mostly because I don't have enough energy to look for a hat every morning. It is hard enough to find the gloves and mittens that Gina (said dog) spreads throughout the house during the course of the day.

...but I digress. My question for those of you who want hoods on sweaters; fashion or function? This is important to know, because I would design them differently for each answer. For fashion, I would not be as concerned about the fit on the head as the drape around the neck when it is down. For function, the opposite would be try - which leads me to a second question... loose (as seen here on Hoody2day) or snug fit?

Sleeves. Cuffs or 3/4 is the question here. Any preference? I, as a designer, like the 3/4 length (as shown here on Melbourne2day) because it can serve the gamut of sizes... for a petite it ends up full length, for some bracelet length and for the taller person a true 3/4. Cuffs are a little more length specific. I guess it might also differ with style. For a shrug or cropped sweater that is often worn over another garment, perhaps the 3/4 offers the best comfort and certainly the best proportion. But a coat may need the 'finish' of cuffs.
Any comments? I am very interested in your preferences, but even more in the reasons for the preference! Thanks for being my focus group today.

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