Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Clown Car!

Yesterday I had to take my son back to college (sniff), but the good news is that on the way home I could stop at several thrift stores along the 180 mile trip home. By the time I drove into the garage, the back of my VW beetle was pretty much filled.

It was also very handy to have all this cushion available, bcause on the way home I had to stop and take a power nap at a rest stop, and I had plenty of pillow material!!

Last week I had organized my stash and taken inventory of what I needed. There was a distinct lack of color in my stash, so that was my target yesterday. Found some great items. This next week will be a production frenzy!! I have several custom items waiting for fruition, and my shop needs some new items. Can't wait to get started.

Here is my car filled with sweaters - not clowns, and me sorting out my stash - I thought I ought to post a picture of the unusual neat and tidiness of the studio!!


Fabulous Frau in the Aussie Bush said...

Oh, I'm so glad you said 'unusual neatness' - because when I see gorgeous stacks of fabric my giant guilt complex demands attention (just like my stack of unruly fabric *grin*) - Love your work and your diligent attitude to treasure hunting! Thanks so much for sharing. Suzy ;)

janet said...

My hubby just bought me a new serger for christmas..looks like that is your main mode of connecting your lovely sweater pieces. I am looking forward to mastering my machine ;-) I love you work.